Windows server 2012

What you’ll Love about Windows Server 2012

Like a lot of businesses, you might be asking the question, “Is it time to upgrade my servers?”

Windows server 2012You could be running short on performance or storage, or perhaps you have data security concerns. Organizations with aging servers and a variety of PC’s are good upgrade candidates. Others have cutoff dates to consider. With support ending this July, Windows Server 2003 users definitely need to upgrade to receive critical security updates.

If you fit the above, or your current server technology feels like it may be holding you back, it’s time for a technology refresh. Your best option, upgrade to Microsoft’s Windows Server 2012 R2.

Features you’ll Love

Windows Server 2012 provides a proven, stable IT platform for your business. Its simplified user management and easy file sharing make it a match for businesses with mobile-enabled employees. It speeds up PC setup, includes PC backup and optional connection to Office 365.

More than one server? The included Hyper-V virtualization lets you put it all in one box. Centralized controls make it easy to manage security for everything. Easier-than-expected configuration aids a painless transition.

The built-in anywhere-access features are impressive, making it easy to deliver security-enabled remote access for everyone you might want on your network, including satellite offices and field employees. The ability to lock down desktops adds a lot to improved data security.

As you can see, Windows Server 2012 is an exciting product, but what you’ll love most about it is what it can do for your business.

Modern Technology Benefits

With modern technology and anywhere access to your files and applications, you are equipped to attract new clients with better on-site presentations, enhanced collaboration and innovative new services. By delivering an improved customer experience you’ll look better and be more competitive.

You’re also likely to see increased productivity and less downtime. Allowing people to work from home securely will help you attract employees. Integrated server backup will save time and the price of using a third party local backup software.

To sum it up, Windows Server 2012 delivers enterprise-class capabilities at a small-business price.

Built for You

People appreciate a product that is right for the times and a good fit for the task. Those qualities have made Windows Server 20012 R2 very popular with business users.

Windows Server 2012 comes in versions to suit every business. Datacenter and Standard capably handle large and growing organizations. Essentials is great for professionals like accounting and law offices and companies with under 25 workstations.

How do I upgrade to Windows Server 2012 R2? Contact us at [email protected] or call 1-866-EMAZZANTI.


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