April Showers, May Flowers, And Three Signs it’s Time to Upgrade to the Cloud

This time of year, when everyone is talking about April showers and May flowers, we’d like to discuss the cloud-based.

Though we believe that businesses of all sizes, at all stages, can benefit from storing their data in a secure, centralized, ever accessible environment, there are certain benchmarks that necessitate a migration to the cloud. We outline three below!April Showers NJ

  1. You’ve Hired Remote Workers

It used to be that employees would go to the conference room to participate in a meeting. Now, they just GoToMeeting. In fact, telecommuting has grown 103% in the last decade. Though convenient, communicating with remote employees via telephone, video conference, and email is not enough to ensure that your business is running as securely and efficiently as it can. If your company is embracing the remote work trend, it needs to embrace the cloud.

Sharing critical documents with remote workers via email is a security risk that does little to bridge the gap between time zones and physical distance. The cloud promotes true collaboration, offering employees 24/7 access to the latest version of any document, from any location, via virtually any device.

  1. You Supply Staff with Mobile Technology

Whether you’ve provided your hardworking Quality Assurance expert with a laptop for weekend use or allowed your Sales rep to take the company tablet on a business trip, you want to make sure that the data on mobile, company-owned devices is anchored to your business.

Indeed, the only thing more inconvenient and costly than losing a company device to carelessness or theft is losing your only portal to a particular dataset. Data backed-up to the cloud can be easily recovered, even if a device is long gone. Flexible security settings allow you to grant and restrict access as you see fit. Talk about safe travels!

  1. You’ve Adopted More than One Platform

One for HR, another for inventory management, and yet another software to support the Sales team. As your business expands in employee size, products offered and departments required, you’ll most likely rely on various platforms to accomplish disparate tasks.

Today’s forecast: cloudy. Because most modern-day platforms are built to support cloud-based operations, a migration to the cloud can help your business reap the full benefits of each platform subscription you’ve purchased.

May’s flowers are preparing to bloom and so is your business. A cloud-based environment is a fertile ground for the collaboration and flexibility that you’ll need to reach your next goal. Contact eMazzanti and ensure that everything comes up roses this spring!


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