Synchronizing Bookmarks (Internet Explorer)

Do you wish you can have the same bookmarks (from Internet Explorer or Firefox) from your work computer on your home computer or vice versa? Well, your wish has been granted. There is a program that can sync your bookmarks between both (work & home) computer called Bookmarksync (

  • Just sign up (FREE) and create a profile. Then click on Download and select your software version (PC or MAC OS X).
  • Download and install the bookmarksync client to your work & home computer.I would install the client on the computer that has all of the bookmarks that you would like to sync up.
  • Once the client is installed, it will upload your bookmarks to the website.
  • Then install the bookmarksync client on the other computer.Voila, you now have the same bookmarks in both locations. Now whenever you add a new bookmark, it will upload to their server and then sync with your other computer.Once installed, it will mention that the bookmarks on their server is newer than the ones in your browser.
  • Select the recommended choice.

One other neat feature of this FREE service is that if you are using a public computer (at an internet cafe), you can go to, log in using your credentials and then click on the My Links tab. This will bring up a page with your bookmarks. So if there is a website that you bookmarked and forgot the URL, you can click on the bookmark link and then it will take you to the desired webpage. How cool is that?

Have fun with your bookmarks!


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