Effective Date: August 18, 2005

Quick Reference

Remember to keep all packaging and included materials for at least thirty days.

Make sure to inspect all products promptly, making sure that hardware and software items are in good working order.

If a product looks damaged from transit, you may refuse to accept it on arrival.

eMazzanti Technologies does not manufacture physical hardware or mass produced software. As such, delivered products are warranteed by the original manufacturer only and not eMazzanti Technologies. Decisions regarding returnable items are at the sole discretion of the original manufacturer.

Remember that returnable items require a Return Authorization Number. Customers are urged not to ship items back to the original manufacturer without first obtaining a RA#, which should be conspicuously printed on the shipping label. Under no circumstances should the customer write the RA# ANYWHERE EXCEPT on the shipping label.

Basic Returns Information


eMazzanti Technologies will make every effort to ease the return process. If a product should arrive damaged or defective in any way, eMazzanti Technologies will work with the customer to remedy the situation. Customers should be aware that physical hardware and consumer software is not manufactured by eMazzanti Technologies. Therefore, such items shall be returnable subject to the original manufacturer’s return policy and warrantees, and customers should refer to the original manufacturer for more details. EMAZZANTI TECHNOLOGIES MAKES NO WARRANTIES OF ANY KIND, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, WITH RESPECT TO HARDWARE OR SOFTWARE OF ANY KIND, INCLUDING BUT NOT LIMITED TO WARRANTIES OF QUALITY, PERFORMANCE, MERCHANTABILITY, FITNESS FOR ANY PARTICULAR PURPOSE, CONFORMITY TO ANY REPRESENTATION OR DESCRIPTION, OR NON-INFRINGEMENT. Defective products should promptly be reported to eMazzanti Technologies. At its discretion, eMazzanti Technologies shall either direct the customer to return the product to the original manufacturer, or to send the product to eMazzanti’s offices and the product will – at eMazzanti’s sole discretion – be either repaired or replaced, or the customer will be provided a credit for the lesser of either the product’s invoice price or the cost of replacement. eMazzanti Technologies reserves the right to test defective products and may return such products to the customer, at the customer’s expense, if such products are found not to be defective.


Products that are not damaged or defective are only returnable if unopened and unused, with all seals in tact, and in a condition suitable for resale. The customer’s billings with eMazzanti Technologies must also be current in order for such products to be returnable. Subject to the original manufacturer’s policies, products in perfect condition may nonetheless be non-returnable. The customer should be aware that many manufacturers will charge the customer a restocking fee for all returned products that are have arrived at the customer’s shipping address undamaged. Products in good working order that have been removed from the original manufacturer’s packaging are not returnable. End-of-Life and OEM products are not returnable. Software licenses are never refundable under any circumstances. Custom software, configurations or implementations are not returnable or cancelable. Once a work order has been received by eMazzanti Technologies the customer is responsible for the full payment.


Returnable items are subject to the original manufacturer’s return/exchange deadlines and the customer should refer to the original manufacturer for specific inquiries. Most manufacturers require that returnable items be reported within thirty (30) calendar days of the invoice date. Since products and manufacturers vary, customers are urged to inspect goods upon arrival and promptly report defective or unwanted goods to both eMazzanti Technologies and the original manufacturer. eMazzanti Technologies will only issue a return authorization number up to thirty (30) days after the date of shipment or the invoice date, whichever is earlier.


Subject the original manufacturer’s return policies, items should be sent to the original manufacturer or an address specified by the original manufacturer. As stated above, eMazzanti Technologies may elect to test and repair or replace defective items and the customer shall be directed to send the items to the offices of eMazzanti Technologies or its agent.


Returnable items must be shipped using the original manufacturer’s boxes and packaging, and packed in such a manner as to prevent damage in transit. Once eMazzanti Technologies has learned of and approved the return, a return authorization number (RA#) shall be issued. The RA# must be printed on the shipping labels with the freight prepaid (customer is liable for the cost of shipping). Customers are urged to refrain from writing the RA# anywhere except for the shipping label. The shipping address and RA# shall not be hand-written on the outside of the box. As stated above, products shall not be returnable if the customer draws or prints the RA# on the packaging itself. All returns must be complete including all components, accessories, cables, software and manuals in the original shipment. All returns must be received within thirty (30) days from the date the RA# was issued, or a specified date, whichever is sooner.


Upon receipt of merchandise, the customer’s account shall be credited at eMazzanti’s sole discretion for either the invoice price or the cost of replacement, less any restocking fees charged by the original manufacturer. Stock balance returns exceeding ten percent (10%) of the customer’s previous three months’ purchases shall be charged a thirty percent (30%) restocking fee. Products not authorized for return may be returned to the customer at the customer’s sole expense. In the event that eMazzanti Technologies accepts unauthorized returns, a credit shall be issued to the customer’s account for the lesser of the last purchase price, or the current price or the cost of goods less a 30 percent (30%) handling fee.


Returnable items must be shipped either by the original manufacturer’s preferred carrier or by eMazzanti’s preferred carrier. eMazzanti Technologies shall not be obligated to accept returnable items delivered by hand at the customer’s place of business or at the offices of eMazzanti Technologies. In the event that such an arrangement is desired by the customer, the customer’s account representative should be contacted and eMazzanti Technologies, at its sole discretion, may elect to decline or accept such an arrangement. Customers are urged not to attempt to hand deliver products to onsite engineers or staff located at eMazzanti’s offices without contacting the appropriate representatives beforehand.