Challenge: POS Intrusions

These remote attacks on Point-of-Sale terminals are extremely common and equally effective. In fact, 98% of all recorded POS attacks result in a confirmed data breach.




Solution: Research monitoring options for your POS environment that provide visibility into all network activity, trends, and potential threats.


PCI Compliance

Challenge: PCI Compliance

The standards around PCI DSS (Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard) compliance get tougher with each passing year, but for good reason – so are network security threats. However, achieving and maintaining PCI certification, though challenging, is essential to running your business.



Solution: Protecting your perimeter with a UTM solution that provides “defense in depth,” or multiple layers of security, is critical.

Challenge: Secure Wi-Fi Access

Wi-Fi is no longer a luxury for consumers – it’s a necessity, encouraging both increased length of stay within a store and likelihood to return. But for all the convenience that public Wi-Fi networks afford guests, they also provide cyber criminals with a convenient vector for any number of threats – from denial-of-service to Man-in-the-middle attacks.


Solution: If you want to offer your customers Wi-Fi – without offering up sensitive data to cyber hackers – then you need to enable WIPS (Wireless Intrusion Prevention System).

Secure Wi-Fi Access


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