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Protecting Your Business with e-Discovery

Pre e-discoveryDuring litigation, there is a process called “discovery,” in which individuals or businesses exchange information relevant to their case. Before the digital era, this was a costly, cumbersome ordeal that mainly depended on paper documents that were not always readily available. Nowadays, discovery usually takes place electronically, and is referred to as “e-discovery.” Important information can be organized and arranged in a variety of media, including word processing files, spreadsheets, videos, PDFs, and emails. These types of documents are known as Electronically Stored Information (ESI) and play a crucial role during trial.

Why should businesses be prepared?

Like most technology, the digital storage of information has its benefits but must be managed properly. The sheer volume of data that can be found on a company’s server makes it easy for potentially important documents to get lost or buried under other files. This can pose a problem during litigation, when a specific email, PDF, or spreadsheet needs to be presented in a timely manner. The inability to conduct e-discovery efficiently can be devastating to your business’ case, and sometimes results in unfortunate, avoidable settlements.

Information must not only be located quickly, but needs to be synthesized into easy-to-understand formats so that your attorneys can present it as evidence in court. You also want to safeguard documents to prevent manipulation or alteration. Without proper monitoring, it is especially difficult to protect data, and can easily make or break the outcome of a trial.

Boosting productivity, saving, and efficiency

Buried in paperworkFinancially, a sound e-discovery plan is a no-brainer for businesses. Without the ability to manage vast amounts of digital information, your business will have to look to its own employees to dig up the evidence it needs. This reduces overall productivity and, worst of all, takes tons of time. Since most attorneys charge by the hour, the old adage, “time is money” rings especially true when it comes to e-discovery.

The choice to use data-management services can be costly, but should be viewed as a preventative measure against even larger, more unpredictable legal fees. Even without a pending lawsuit, a strong data-management plan will increase your overall productivity by making it easier for employees to find valuable data for other work-related tasks. By eliminating erroneous documents, you can save money on storage and remove clutter from your servers as well.

Looking for a surefire way to protect your business from unnecessary financial problems, while also streamlining operations? Take a proactive approach to e-discovery. eMazzanti has already helped universities, media outlets, law offices, and food and beverage companies stay ahead of the curve by managing their digital information.

More and more companies are recognizing the need for efficient e-discovery, so it’s important not to fall behind. Protect the future of your business, and get in touch with eMazzanti today.


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