PLA Boosts Productivity, Strengthens Security with Windows 7 Professional & HP 6930p

Windows 7 Professional

Prendergast Laurel Architects relies on its IT partner eMazzanti Technologies for its ability to help PLA leverage the best technologies to boost efficiency and productivity—and remain competitive. So when eMazzanti Technologies presented the HP 6930p EliteBook running Windows 7 Professional to PLA’s management, they knew they had found a solution that would enable employees to get more done in less time. As Deborah Laurel, principal of PLA points out, “Our partner, eMazzanti Technologies, is our lifeline to advanced technology—and helping us deploy the HP 6930p EliteBook running Windows 7 Professional across our organization proves that.”


Users found that simply booting up and resuming systems took several minutes at a time, which added up to hours of lost productivity over the course of a year. Plus, employees often work with several large, cumbersome graphics files—and needed more processing power to better handle them. For mobile workers, connecting to the right network printers in each working environment was tedious and time-consuming.

PLA managers wanted to speed overall processes and boost efficiency by deploying a new OS, but needed to ensure it could still use legacy printers for special projects.

Managers were also seeking more durable systems that would outlast previous ones, and more ergonomic notebooks with long-lasting batteries that would facilitate increased productivity. In addition, PLA needed to fortify system security to keep project information safe from intrusion.


PLA has relied on eMazzanti Technologies for nearly a decade, so it knew that its IT partner would be able to help the company overcome these challenges. After assessing their specific needs and goals in-depth, eMazzanti Technologies recommended the HP 6930p EliteBook running Windows® 7 Professional.*

According to Laurel, this solution provided everything PLA had been looking for. “Speed, easier access to information, intuitive, ergonomic design—the HP 6930p EliteBook running Windows 7 Professional gives us all of that,” she says. “And it’s everything we need to succeed.”


Accomplishing More in Less Time

Windows 7 faster Sleep and Resume times have helped PLA employees get to work sooner—and complete projects faster.  And managers found that the 64-bit Windows 7 Professional system opens—and handles—large graphics files faster and more efficiently than before.

“I tested the boot up and application start up speeds, and on both counts, it was four times faster on my new HP 6930p EliteBook running Windows 7 Professional than my older system,” says Laurel.

And with Windows 7 Professional Location Aware Printing, users can connect to new network printers in less time—and with less hassle—than before. One a user defines the default printer in each working location, whether it’s at home or between offices, the feature automatically recognizes, selects and connects to the right network printer in seconds.

Laurel points out that this feature provides a number of benefits: “Location Aware Printing does more than save time,” she says. “The way it automatically connects to the right printer in any environment eliminates frustration. We don’t even have to think about it now.”

Essential Compatibility

Windows 7 Professional includes Windows XP Mode, which enables users to rely on the power and performance of Windows 7 Professional while still being able to work wit applications, programs and devices that have not yet been upgraded.

“We have legacy printers that are crucial for special projects—and we have a lot invested in them. Windows XP Mode allows us to use them seamlessly while leveraging the power of Windows 7 Professional,” Laurel says. “Without eMazzanti Technologies, we wouldn’t have known about Windows XP Mode. We can always rely on our IT partner to show us new ways to work that are crucial to our business,” she adds.

More Security and Flexibility

With the HP 69030 EliteBook Built-to-Last design, users gain the peace of mind in knowing that their notebooks can withstand regular wear and tear with durable design features, while remaining lightweight and ergonomic.

“The HP 6930p EliteBook is lightweight and ergonomic, yet remarkably sturdy,” says Laurel. “We all love this machine and how it’s helping us work more efficiently.”

Also included with the HP 6930p EliteBook is HP Credential Manager, which enables users to protect their notebooks with advanced Biometrics. Users can simply scan their fingerprint on their notebooks to access their desktops rather than entering a password, saving time and providing increased protection against unauthorized access.

“The first thing I did on my new HP 6930p EliteBook was set up the Biometric scan. It adds more security while enabling me to access my system in seconds—and those crucial seconds add up.”

Overall, PLA is impressed by the new capabilities and powerful performance of the HP 6930 EliteBook running Windows 7 Professional—and attributes the increased productivity that it’s seeing as a result of eMazzanti Technologies’ unsurpassed service and support.

“Are we happy we made the switch to Windows 7 Professional and the HP 6903p EliteBook? Absolutely!” Laurel remarks. “And none of this would be possible without the support of eMazzanti Technologies.”

Case Study is Available for Download in: MS WORD and .PDF FORMAT


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