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See why Office Web Apps is the better choice for sharing documents.
open in google docs
See why Office Web Apps is the better choice for sharing documents.

Seeing is believing. Check out the full document in Word Web App. Then in Google Docs.
You didn’t want that chart there, did you? Because, if you share it with someone using Google Docs, it could disappear. If you don’t want that to happen (and really, why would you?), use Office Web Apps* for free instead. It’s the best way to help protect the integrity of your uploaded Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and OneNote documents.
Watch our videos to see how it feels when things don’t turn out the way you planned.


Here are a few things that can change or go missing when you use Google Docs:

Images Sparklines SmartArt
Filters Charts Conditional Formatting
Footers Headers Watermarks
*Requires a free Windows Live ID, an appropriate device, Internet connection and supported browser.


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