New Case Study Renown Designer’s Journey to Enhance Business

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- July 8, 2010 – Whether he is designing a custom residence, a home-away-from-home boutique hotel, or a line of furniture or textiles, interior designer Campion Platt has one thing in mind: luxury. His holistic approach creates highly personalized spaces – making him a favorite of celebrities including Al Pacino, Meg Ryan, Roger Waters, Conan O’Brien, Jay McInerney and socialite Anne Hearst. Campion’s unique brand of innovative design also extends to the technology consultant he chooses to support his business, eMazzanti Technologies.

A new case study captures the designer’s technology journey. A full version of the story is available at

IT Function Over Form Needed

For Campion, IT function trumps form. Its network and computers needed to add value while improving productivity. However, business productivity ended up victim to massive email spam. Up-time, security and backup protection were concerns for intellectual property and overall business, and the need for full-file access while on the road was paramount for the continent-hopping president. eMazzanti addressed all of Campion’s concerns with its eCare/MXINSPECT solutions.

eMazzanti Technologies’ eCare is a robust family of services that includes eCare Network Management (fixed-fee IT support), eCare Business Continuity, and eCare Exchange. These services make it easier for customers to maintain their network, protect intellectual property and files as well as collaborate and share information more efficiently.

Spam Eliminated, Productivity Restored

“One of our biggest problems was spam. Every employee was getting over 100 per day and it was killing productivity. eMazzanit’s MXINSPECT Email Defense virtually eliminated all the spam and let us go on with our business.”

Remote Access to Critical Files

“As office manager, my job often extends to solving problems other than 9-to-5. eMazzanti’s remote desktop access allows me to solve problems faster no matter what time it is,” said Christine Carroll, office manager, Campion Platt.

“eMazzanti has our ‘back’. They remotely monitor and fix our network to make sure we’re ready to do business anytime, from anywhere,” noted Campion. “Isn’t this the kind of IT support any business would want?”

About eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses to provide growth strategies through the use of intelligent technology. Utilizing a disciplined approach of business process analysis, network design, security planning and preventative maintenance, the IT expert delivers solutions that reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue for its clients. This innovative and comprehensive approach to technology services has earned eMazzanti the trust of a rapidly growing client base and recognition by many of the industry’s foremost publications. For more information contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or

About Campion Platt

Located in New York City on Madison Avenue, Campion Platt is a full-service architectural design firm that takes an eco approach to its inventive array of projects, with a desire to create exceptionally LUXE environments. Its innovative architecture, interior design and products firm specializes in hi-end residential, hospitality and home product design. The seamless synergy of craftsmanship and design is reflected in our creations that combine hi-end luxury with technology, handmade objects and custom furniture & fixtures. For more information call 212.779.3835, visit or email [email protected].


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