Modern technology means faster growth and better security for SMBs

used with permission from Microsoft SMB Blog
by Cindy Bates

When most people think of transforming a business they think of moving to a new location, changing up their business strategy, expanding marketing efforts, hiring new employees and most of all they think of the dollar amounts associated with these upgrades.

But there’s another more effective and more cost efficient way to transform a business — technology. The cloud has been the single most transformative tool to happen to small businesses since the advent of modern computers. Cloud technology enables even microbusinesses to compete with much larger enterprises by increasing efficiency and improving productivity.

Another major benefit of modern technology is improved security. Cyberattacks are a real threat to businesses of all sizes and the right technology can help protect sensitive customer data and prevent a breach that will be costly in both dollars and eroding customer trust.

For more information on how modern technology can protect your business from security threats, watch this video from SMB owner and technology evangelist Ramon Ray. Be sure to download our latest eGuide for more information on how technology can transform your business.


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