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Microsoft Office 365: A Fully-Loaded Productivity Suite
Use with permission from Microsoft.

Do you feel like you are tied to your servers just to make sure email is up and running every day? Are you able to keep up with demands from your users for larger mailboxes and more storage? Are you ready to expand, but not ready to pay for more servers? Do you have to turn away projects or make sacrifices because IT can’t keep up with your business needs? Keeping your infrastructure up and running is non-negotiable, and scaling it to meet the needs of your growing business should be too. If an upgrade is too costly and you’re not quite convinced that moving to the cloud will provide the same security and reliability you can maintain on-premises, we have a solution that can help you stay ahead of the competition and free-up IT so they can focus on being better and faster than the other guys.

We are pleased to introduce Microsoft® Office 365—a set of cloud-based services that bring together Office 2010 with sites to share documents, IM, web conferencing, and the power of Exchange Online, the industry’s leading business-class email with 25GB mailboxes and built-in layers of antivirus and anti-spam protection. You can rely on a guaranteed 99.9 percent uptime and strict security standards, without having to upgrade your infrastructure or break the bank.

No longer is Microsoft® Office just Word®, PowerPoint®, and Excel®. Office is now a fully-loaded productivity suite that allows your people to communicate and collaborate. Office 365 is simple to use and easy to administer, and with access to your emails, documents and people virtually anywhere—and you’ll always be running the latest technology so you can react faster to customers. You’ll save money on infrastructure, enjoy the peace of mind, and enable employees to be more productive. Contact us and let us help you be a productivity champion today and transform the way you work.


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