Virtual Teaching

How Your School Can Ace Virtual Teaching

As schools across the United States plan for a virtual or partially virtual curriculum, eMazzanti Technologies has received an influx of phone calls and emails from educators seeking a swift and seamless transition to this new normal. We are honored, but not surprised that schools trust us to guide them through this period of unprecedented change.

Mere months ago, few could have anticipated that the COVID-19 pandemic would impact the Fall 2020 school semester, but the team at eMazzanti is better equipped than most. Since 2001, we’ve been helping clients adjust operations to adapt to changing times. School administrators—start taking notes because we are about to explain how you can prepare for your most important test to date: the shift to online teaching.

Microsoft: The Ultimate School Supply

A longtime Microsoft Gold Partner, we’ve seen how Microsoft Office 365 empowers our small and midsize business clients to operate with greater security and efficiency. The tech titan’s Office 365 Education suite is making a similarly positive impact on schools.

From eye-opening lessons, to social interaction, to emotional validation, Office 365 Education brings the benefits of the classroom to the safety of students’ homes through a suite of cutting-edge applications, such as Microsoft Teams. Teams allows teachers to connect with students as well as one another in online PLCs (professional learning communities).Through Teams, teachers can distribute and grade assignments and provide students personalized support via chat and video calls.

Comprehensive Office 365 Education apps like Teams are surprisingly simple to deploy. As fellow Microsoft Education Architect and frequent collaborator, Steve Hall says, “I cannot stress the ease of Microsoft implementation enough. A lot of people don’t realize that out-of-the box, Microsoft syncs with most education platforms.”

Your Hardest Working Teacher’s Assistant

Virtual Teaching

Of course, Microsoft also offers flexibility, which our specialists are happy to help schools leverage. We’ll work with your school’s administrators to devise an online learning program that upholds your high standards while keeping costs low.

Our status as a Microsoft Gold Partner grants us exclusive access to discounts on software licenses and devices, which we can secure en masse remotely during Zero Touch Deployment. Our network engineers will configure a system that protects your information and your reputation by barring unsanctioned student devices and disabling students’ Internet browsing/communication capabilities during exams.

To successfully navigate the path to a virtual classroom, schools need solutions and support. This is where training comes-in. We not only offer teachers technology, but knowledge of how to apply it to help students thrive in a remote learning environment.

This concludes our lesson on how your school can ace virtual teaching. Find comprehensive notes on Microsoft Teams for Education here. Any questions? Contact us.

How Your School Can Ace Virtual Teaching


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