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An eMazzanti Webinar Series

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SEPT. 23, 2021
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Cyber Security Workshop Series 2.0

Endpoint Security

How implementing a Cyber Security solution that includes next gen technology, like threat hunting and machine learning, can save your business from a costly security breach.

2.0 Cyber Security Workshops S3

October 28, 2021 11:00 AM EST

In this executive briefing session, you will be part of an active discussion that looks at the importance of combining traditional anti-virus with next gen technology to protect your business against the complex and sophisticated attacks we see in today’s threat landscape.

Additionally, you will learn how WatchGuard’s Endpoint security platform, which includes endpoint detection and response capabilities, can instantly increase your security posture preventing cybercriminals from infiltrating your network.

Eliminate gaps in your Cyber Security plan and empower your Endpoints to handle the unknown with WatchGuard.

The case for tightening your network security through Multi Factor Authentication

2.0 Cyber Security Workshops Lp3

August 24, 2021 11 AM EST

In this Executive Briefing session, you will understand the strategy and implementation behind MFA.  Name from WatchGuard an industry leading security expert will make it clear why the following are critical aspects to building a strong security plan inside your organization.  With several major data breaches during the first half of 2021, tightening security is more important now than ever before. Bad Actors are looking for ways into your network and they can find them easily and simply unless you have the right strategy.

In this session you will learn:

  • Why usernames and passwords are not enough anymore. Executives will complain but your firm will be secure.
  • Why unmanaged devices on your network such as cellphones and personal laptops will put your firm at risk BYOD can be a gateway.
  • Why the hybrid workforce of remote workers and back to the office needs the additional protection to keep your internal assets secure.

In 2020 alone the average cost of a US Data Breach was $8.64 million ( Source IBM) This is a significant number and the primary reason why you need to do everything you can to prevent access to your organization.

WatchGuard name has been researching and refining the most efficient MFA strategy. As you attend this session you will receive a FREE Passport Security Kit that includes the following:

  1. Adaptive Defense 360– for endpoint security.
  2. Authpoint MFA License
  3. DNSWatchG

This kit is designed to help you try these tools at your convenience with eMazzanti Technologies as your support team. More information will be detailed at the end of each session.

Hackers never take summer vacation - Wi-Fi exposure can be your greatest risk.

2.0 Cyber Security Workshops Lp2

August 17, 2021 11AM EST

Wi-fi is the largest surface for hackers today. If left unsecured, it provides Hackers with a rich environment for an attack. Hackers have always used disasters such as tsunamis and earthquakes, and high-profile events around the world to prey on victims, and this global pandemic is NO exception.

Your responsibility is to keep your users safe both inside and outside of the office.

Don’t fall victim to the common Wi-Fi mistakes. Every organization expects access to Wi-Fi at all times, but delivering a powerful and secure solution is easier said than done. Wi-fi is one of the single most heard complaints by users.

In this executive briefing session, you will learn the six known Wi-Fi threats and how they can easily compromise your network.  In addition, you will also learn how to build hybrid environments to accommodate the back-to-work and work from home paradigm that are trusted and secure. Protecting your network from these bad actors and six significant types of attacks will allow your team to sleep at night.

As the key presenter in this briefing, Ryan Poutrie from Watchguard, who has market ownership of the Wi-Fi product line will be presenting and advising with recommendations and insights about the market and your organization.

For attending the session, you will receive a whitepaper that will show you what you need to test your access point’s security for the six known Wi-Fi threat categories.

Cyber Security
Workshop Series

Session 1: Replay available

2021 Cyber Threat Landscape:
What is Happening Now and What You Need to Know.

February 19, 2021 11:00AM EST

Session 1: February 19, 2021
2021 Cyber Threat Landscape:
What is Happening Now and What You Need to Know.

Marc Laliberte, Watchguard Senior Security Analyst, will deliver an interactive workshop that will discuss 2021 Cyber threats. We have already seen the devastating attack on Solar Winds and it is only the beginning of the new year. To protect your organization forewarned is forearmed and Marc will prepare you for important next steps in 2021.

Cyber Security
Workshop Series

Session 2: Replay available

Enable Your Remote Workforce – Secure Your Wi-Fi Resources
to Prevent Cyber Risk.

March 19, 2021 11:00 AM EST

Session 2: March 19, 2021
Enable Your Remote Workforce – Secure Your Wi-Fi Resources to Prevent Cyber Risk.

Jim Steinbacher, Watchguard Technical Evangelist for Wireless, will deliver an interactive workshop focused exclusively on the biggest threat surface in 2021, your WIFI. Remote work has intensified the exposure to threats and you’ll need to participate to ensure your businesses and employees are not at risk.

Are Your IT Resources Effective in the New Normal?

Are You It Resources Effective In The New Normal

Cyber Threats and Attacks, Communication Methods & Remote Workforce

July 15, 2020 10:00 AM EST

Technology is an essential line item for business, and with mounting economic pressure on every business, it’s time to allocate your technology resources wisely.

Without the right systems in place, you risk inconsistent customer communication, data security breaches and significant overspending.

In this Webinar, you’ll learn about the 3 key areas of your IT infrastructure that can save you money while keeping your reputation in tact and all your business assets safe.

1. Email Security and Deliverability
To build confidence with customers, you need to ensure your marketing and sales communications are not being blocked by spam. You also need your team to stop inbound malicious email content, which can destroy your business and reputation.

2. Cyber Security Protection
Is your team securing your digital assets? Are they frequently testing to identify and address potential weaknesses? If they aren’t, others can take advantage of gaps in your security. We’ll discuss all the tools you’ll need to assess your organizations health when it comes to potential breaches and attacks.

3. Your New Remote Workforce
Is your team prepared to address the concerns of data leaks and unauthorized access when using their devices for work? Enabling the right tools provides you with the peace of mind that your staff is working as they should, and only have access to the right data at the right time. Tools like multi-factor authentication can broaden your peace of mind and give you the security you need.

Join us for a highly informative session to confirm you have your bases covered now that we are in a “new normal”.

We are here to help your business survive and thrive in this new stage. To learn more, register for our Webinar or contact us directly at 201-360-4400 or [email protected]

Microsoft Hands On Immersion Workshops

Microsoft Teams
Hands On Immersion Workshop

Coming Soon...

Are you looking to improve the productivity of your remote workforce?

Can you consider that collaboration is the key to employee engagement?

Your Teams need to be connected to work efficiently now that many are working remotely.

If you are an Evaluator or Decision Maker on the internal use of pivotal technology, then this webinar on Teams is for you.

Join us for our Virtual Hands-On Lab training where a Certified Microsoft Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) facilitator will guide you through an interactive experience of Microsoft Teams with a provided demo persona. The hands-on lab will cover:

  • Live, guided walk-through of the Microsoft Teams Platform
  • Features to keep you connected – Chat, Planning Tasks, File Sharing, and More
  • Creating Team Channels
  • How to conduct Calls and Meetings – Video Conferencing and Calendar
  • Tips and Tricks to create a smooth Microsoft Teams experience while working remotely!

Leave with expert knowledge on Microsoft Teams to help drive efficiency and productivity within your organization!

There are limited spaces available to create an effective learning environment, so sign up today!

Who Should Attend?

  • Decision Makers & Influencers curious to learn more about Microsoft Teams and become a power user!
  • Duration: 1 hour and 30 minutes

Microsoft Azure & Cloud Backup Hands On Immersion Workshop

Coming Soon...

Want to safely enable your remote workforce from anywhere?

Microsoft Azure Cloud Solution provides organizations a way to work remotely with a modern and enhanced application set and IT infrastructure.

We will be covering the ways Microsoft Azure can empower your organization for flexible work environments. One of these crucial aspects is providing a backup solution to protect your cloud data living both in Azure or your Microsoft 365 environment.

Join our Azure Customer Immersion Experience (CIE), where Evaluators and Decision Makers will walk through a virtual tour of the Azure Portal, and be provided with hands-on training for how to create:

  • Virtual Machines
  • Windows Server Data Center
  • Availability Sets
  • Resource Groups
  • Network Security Groups
  • PowerShell
  • Azure Disk Storage

Training in the Azure environment is in great demand as our current remote work paradigm has necessitated that organizations move all or part of their infrastructure to The Cloud.

  • Working with our Microsoft accredited CIE Facilitators, each attendee has their own Azure Tennant to work through creating their environment in Azure.
  • Each participant then has the potential to provision the topics above and learn how to deploy them on their own.

Attendees will walk away with a clear understanding of the benefits Azure can bring to their organization.

Each session is 1.5 hours long.

Microsoft 365
Hands On Immersion Workshop

Coming Soon...

If you are an Evaluator or Decision Maker focused on keeping your workforce secure and productive across devices, this is your invitation to the Hands On M365 Immersion Experience.

Our event showcases the security features that M365 has to offer. These include Identity and Access Management, Data Protection, Threat Protection, and Device Management.

We will be covering the ways Microsoft 365 can empower your organization to deliver a flexible and collaborative environment. One of these crucial aspects is providing a backup solution to protect the data living in your M365 cloud.

As the leading cloud email platform, Microsoft 365 fits the perfect paradigm to provide your organization with needed workflow enhancements and the cyber protection that everyone needs.

In this Immersion work shop you will understand how M365 works 24/7, to safeguard your organization against cyberattacks. At the end of your session, you will leave with a high-level understanding of how Microsoft is protecting identities, data, applications, and endpoints.

The key benefits of M365 are:

  • Robust and Reliable security 24/7
  • Work from anywhere, any device, at any time
  • Streamlined Collaboration
  • Access to the latest and best programs
  • M365 will cater to the environment and needs of your organization

Register now for the M365 Workshop to learn more.

Microsoft Partner Watchguard

At eMazzanti Technologies, we do more than just fix things when they break. We’re strategists, problem solvers, facilitators and vigilant watchkeepers. We are a team of certified IT professionals that can rapidly deliver technology solutions to help your organization grow and keep pace with your competition.

Our areas of expertise range from law firms to high-end global retailers, providing advanced retail and payment technology, digital marketing services, cloud and mobile solutions, multi-site implementations, 24×7 outsourced network management, remote monitoring and support. We specialize in Cyber-security and keeping your IT infrastructure safe from the ever increasing hacker threats.

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