Support the ocean and the environment

eMazzanti’s Blue Project

Before getting involved in technology, Carl and Jennifer Mazzanti spent a lot of time on the ocean. Carl enjoyed sailing and Jennifer worked with a shark conservation group. Over the years, and as eMazzanti Technologies grew, the company as a whole started looking into ways to support the ocean and the environment.

The Project Blue microsite is allowing us to share our stories, show how we’re helping and show you how you can too. We’re spreading the word through local community groups, social media, and speaking about the issue with clients. This platform will also allow us to share some FAQs, images of our adventures, and to give the opportunity to researchers to reach out for financial support.

Through Project Blue we will also be building bridges and awareness, recruiting researchers as partners, and ultimately start working on a better way to share the research that is being done in the name of the environment.

At eMazzanti Technologies, the environment and the ocean are close to our hearts. Everyone has something that they are passionate about. Some devote that same kind of passion to their businessCarl and Jennifer Mazzanti included.

Support the ocean and the environment !


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