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eMazzanti Technologies | Technology Newsletter | Hoboken, NJ – New York, NY | August 2017

August 2017 Newsletter
3 Ways to Energize Your Business with Green Computing
July 20, 2017, by Cloud Services New York City
From recycling to water conservation and solar panels, the Green Movement touches many aspects of our lives. For small to medium businesses (SMB), going green often begins in the computer room. Not only is it environmentally responsible, but green computing makes good business sense.

In basic terms, green computing involves reducing the environmental impact of technology. That means using less energy, reducing waste, and promoting sustainability. Green computing reduces the carbon footprint of a business and provides a reputation boost. From a budget perspective, eco-friendly computing can reduce energy and operational costs more than 30%.

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eMazzanti Presents

eMazzanti Technologies’ Carl Mazzanti EY
Entrepenuer of the Year 2017

Boost Sales, Track Customers with High-Tech Guest Wi-Fi
July 11, 2017, by Cloud Services New York City
In October 2016,WatchGuard, a leader in advanced network security solutions, introduced Wi-Fi Cloud. This exciting new guest Wi-Fi offering combines automated threat protection with engagement and analytics tools, boostingdigital marketing capabilities for small to mid-size businesses.

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Tech News
4 ways to help your remote employees collaborate better
used with permission from Microsoft US Small and Midsize Business Blog
Remote employees have come a long way since the days when trying to work while away from the workplace was like a sentence in solitary confinement.

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6 ways to exercise
in the office
used with permission from HP Technology at Work
You’ve probably already heard that sitting at a desk all day is bad for your health. According to the World Health Organization, physical inactivity is classified as the fourth leading cause of global deaths, causing an estimated 3.2 million deaths worldwide.1 But don’t quit your desk job just yet!

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