eMazzanti Technologies Chosen for Microsoft Windows 7 Banner Ad Program

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- June, 17, 2010 –eMazzanti Technologies, Hoboken, New Jersey-based IT consultant, is being featured in a new series of new Windows 7 Internet banner ads created by Microsoft. The ads are part of  fiscal year-long marketing blitz Microsoft has launched promoting productivity within small businesses. “We use what we market,” noted Jenifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. “It makes us smarter about the latest technology like Windows 7 operating systems and gives our customer confidence to follow suit.”

Small Business Working Bigger

The theme of the new Microsoft Windows 7 banner ad program is: Small Business Working Bigger.  “This theme captures the spirit of the new OS, which is all about productivity and security, the two elements small businesses care deeply about,” said eMazzanti. “Our customers are discovering some amazing benefits to migrating to Windows 7.”

The 15-second banner ad opens on a panoramic view of the city of Hoboken, New Jersey with its densely populated business district.  The scene rapidly changes as the camera zooms to and through an eMazzanti Technologies office window, into the firm’s busy office hub, then to a solitary Windows 7 notebook computer on a desk, sporting the OS’s opening screen shot. Two “marketing-speak bubbles” pop up and help drive home two new Windows 7 features: more convenient and secure data backup along with the ability to work from anywhere, any time.

However, inclusion in Microsoft’s latest Windows 7 banner ad program was part of a continuing marketing effort the software leader began with eMazzanti several years ago. “eMazzanti is one of the star performers of our Microsoft partner program,” said Small Business Specialist Community Tele-Partner Account Manager for the East Region. “It’s why we keep coming back to work with them and their outstanding customers.”

eMazzanti-Part of the Original Windows 7 Launch Program

As is often the case, Microsoft works well in advance of public announcements of its newest software by inviting its most prominent IT partners to supply and support one or more customers. eMazzanti was previously asked to be part of the original launch of Windows 7, October 22, 2009. eMazzanti’s customer stories focused on how small and medium sized businesses use its new Windows 7 operating system. Beginning in late March, 2009,  six eMazzanti customers got an opportunity to test-drive Windows 7 and capture their experiences in a four-page case study. Each customer story was posted on Microsoft’s Windows 7 small business website. The eMazzanti customers also got a chance to participate in videos, direct marketing campaigns, launch events and other marketing efforts. “Some of the things that make us unique are encompassed by both the custom services and products we offer as well as the opportunity to participate in international marketing programs with newly minted software from leaders like Microsoft. This level of value-add is rare in our industry,” said Mazzanti.

About eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies works with businesses to provide growth strategies through the use of intelligent technology. Utilizing a disciplined approach of business process analysis, network design, security planning and preventative maintenance, the IT expert delivers solutions that reduce costs, mitigate risk and drive revenue for its clients. This innovative and comprehensive approach to technology services has earned eMazzanti the trust of a rapidly growing client base and recognition by many of the industry’s foremost publications. Contact eMazzanti Technologies at emazzanti.net or call 201-360-4400.


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