eMazzanti Offers Four Methods to Reduce Downtime Risk for SMBs

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A new article today from noted BDR company eMazzanti sheds light on security concerns and best practices to help SMBs keep their uptime high. The article, titled “When Times Are Tough, There’s No Room for Risk” highlights 4 ways SMBs can avoid potentially disastrous situations.
Jennifer Mazzanti, President of eMazzanti offered an explanation for the latest surge in security concerns: “The bad news is that the financial impact of data loss and security breaches has been estimated to cost US businesses over $4.7 billion each year. The good news is that the impact can be easily neutralized.” The eMazzanti group emphasized that small and medium businesses by nature are at a greater risk than large companies, especially in down economic times.

The 4 methods presented by eMazzanti are as follows:

1.  Reduce the Probability of Downtime: Use reliable servers from trusted professional IT Experts to reduce the chances that your customers will move to your competition during high downtime periods.
2.  Data Protection: Employ a replication and de-duplication backup solution to keep data safe during breaches. In addition, encrypt your backed-up data.
3.  Prevent Breaches: Set up a secure network with threat-detection, wireless and wired network monitoring and printers monitoring.
4.  Reduce disruptive changes: Opt for automated or “hosted” solutions to help keep servers and networks maintained.

To read the full article, please visit the site here.

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