eMazzanti Featured on Cover of CRN Magazine

After a visit to eMazzanti’s office, Senior Editor Heather Clancy of CRN Magazine left with a desire to make a difference. The cover article “It’s Easier to be Green” is a first for a technology magazine. Jennifer Shine’s part is just a testament to how one act can make a difference.

For years eMazzanti has setup customers with systems that cut environmental impact. From equipment that uses alternatives to lead to machines that pull little to no power, there are always ways to do more with less. For example the average desktop uses $20 in electricity a month. Compare that to the lonely $1 used by a diskless thin client. Each day the number of options increases. Working with a firm like eMazzanti, keeping up to date with the firm’s activities, and ultimately staying engaged is the best way to keep your organization ahead of the curve while lessoning your impact on the environment.

Read the article that started it all now.

It’s Easier To Be Green | CRN
By Heather Clancy, CRN
From the January 22, 2007 CRN

Whether or not you believe in global warming, get used to the color green.

Jennifer Shine, president of eMazzanti Technologies, Hoboken, N.J., already has. Growing public awareness around environmental issues is ready fuel for her sales and marketing pitches for things such as managed services, thin-client computing solutions and energy-efficient firewalls.


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