eMazzanti Presents Advanced Persistent Threat (APT) Blocker!

Think you’re safe from advanced malware and zero-day threats?

So did every other victim…eMazzanti Technologies can help!

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  • Zero day attacks and advanced malware targets all networks of all sizes
  • 88% of malware can morph to avoid detection
  • Modern malware is designed to be persistent and stick around
  • Host based security software is not effective for detecting zero day and/or polymorphic malware
  • One bad attack can cost your business millions

Let eMazzanti fortify your antivirus software with WatchGuard APT! APT Blocker…

  • wg2Is the industry’s most sophisticated platform
  • Identifies and submits suspicious files to cloud-based, next-generation, full system emulation
    Analyzes comprehensive set of files including windows executables, office documents, PDFs and android installer packages (APKs)
    Is scalable, inspects millions of objects at any given time
    Continues best-of-breed technology strategyteams with industry veteran and APT heavyweight, Lastline, for cloud-based execution engine

Most importantly… APT blocker integrates seamlessly with your existing virus monitoring programs.

An {e}Care customer? WatchGuard APT will enhance your level of protection and work seamlessly with your existing plan! (Additional charges may apply)

Not an {e}Care customer? Ask us about our Managed Firewall services today and PROTECT your business from cyber thieves!

Find out more about eMazzanti’s Network Security Monitoring.

Contact us today to find out more about {e}Care and WatchGuard Advanced Persistent Threat Blocker! 1-866-EMAZZANTI [email protected]


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