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6 Tech Tips to Stretch the IT Budget Article from eMazzanti Technologies

Hoboken, New Jersey ­- (Vocus) Feb, 2014 –Finding ways to get the most out of an annual budget can be challenging for any business. The IT portion of the budget is no exception. A new article from eMazzanti Technologies, an IT support and computer consultant for the New York City area, identifies six ways businesses can get the most bang for the IT buck. The article is entitled: “Stretch Your IT Budget with These Six Technology Tips.”

“Evaluating the total cost of ownership (TCO) is probably the ‘center of the universe’ when it comes to getting the most out of your IT dollars,” comments Jennifer Mazzanti, president, eMazzanti Technologies. “Every purchase costs more than the price tag because of maintenance, updates, repair, downtime, etc.”

Spend Less, Make More

Fundamentally, the recipe for budgeting success is simple: spend less, while making more. But there’s a virulent small and medium business (SMB) myth that — especially in a weak economy — the only way to save money is to forgo buying the new computers, servers, and printers that employees need. This may not be true for many businesses.

Below are some simple reasons why investing in technology can actually save money over the long term.


1. Understand the total cost of ownership (TCO)

Many SMB owners suffer from sticker shock when contemplating the upfront costs of buying new equipment. Unfortunately, they don’t see how much higher the overall price tag is for holding onto old, outdated machines when maintenance, resale value, and energy consumption are factored in.

Businesses shouldn’t necessarily think buying cheaper equipment is better for the budget. While consumer PCs and printers may take a smaller initial bite out of the budget, they don’t offer the same robustness or security standards that make business equipment worth paying more.


2. Meet in digital space

The Business Travel Association estimates the global business community spends nearly $1 trillion on travel annually.  Chances are a company is adding at least a small percentage to overall costs. Rather than spend valuable money on flights, hotels, and per diems, a company can easily host meetings in digital space using free or affordable technology.

One popular option is HP Virtual Rooms, which allows up to 10 people to meet in digital space — perfect for meetings, customer briefings, and offsite team collaboration. Plus, a company can take advantage of a free 60-day trial and test it without obligation.


3. New vs. nearly new

While investing in new technology can mean a big difference in maintenance and energy costs, it doesn’t mean a company has to pay the sometimes inflated retail price tag. The constant turnover of new technology forces many companies to sell off their slightly used equipment at steep discounts. That means there are great deals to be found in refurbished equipment — much of which comes with warranties or return policies.

Companies can also take advantage of HP’s Business Refresh, which offers discounts of up to 25% off the price of high-quality, refurbished business PCs and notebooks.

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About eMazzanti Technologies

eMazzanti Technologies’ team of trained, certified experts provide 24×7 outsourced IT support to help ensure business productivity, address challenges of growth, cloud computing, mobility, critical business continuity and disaster recovery demands. The consultancy has special expertise in manufacturing, distribution, retail and PCI compliance, financial, architectural, engineering, construction, government, educational, legal services, accounting, marketing communications, and healthcare market segments, while maintaining high customer satisfaction levels. Flexible support plans range from fixed-fee, around-the-clock network management where eMazzanti functions as an extension of a businesses’ IT staff, to a custom-solution provided on an as-needed basis. eMazzanti serves the Hoboken, NJ and NYC area markets as well as regional, national and international business support requirements. The IT firm is Microsoft’s 2012 Partner of the Year and on-going Gold Partner, Microsoft Northeast Region Partner of the Year, a four-time recipient of WatchGuard’s Partner of the Year and has achieved the Inc. 5000 list for the fourth year in a row. Download the free article: How to Select an IT Provider. More than 400 companies trust their IT support needs to eMazzanti Technologies. For more information contact: Carl Mazzanti 201-360-4400 or emazzanti.net. Twitter: @emazzanti , Facebook: Facebook.com/emazzantitechnologies.


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